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A Climate-Resilient Agricultural Future

We will support farmers in a just transition to climate-resilient agriculture, and push the government to create new jobs and promote economic opportunities by investing in plant-based proteins.


The Problem

There’s a cow in the room when it comes to the climate emergency: animal agriculture. Globally, raising animals for food and fashion generates greenhouse gas emissions greater than all transportation emissions combined. 

Animal agriculture is responsible for significant environmental degradation across Victoria - from biodiversity loss to deforestation. Clearing land to make way for introduced grazing animals is killing wildlife and destroying habitat.

The impacts of climate change are already being felt by the agricultural sector, with increased floods, bushfires and extreme weather events devastating communities and crops across Victoria. The climate emergency is already forcing changes upon farmers – and we need to support them before it’s too late.


The Solution

We will support farmers in a just transition to sustainable work, which will climate-proof the industry and secure jobs for the future.

No farmer should be left behind. Our plan will provide animal farmers with the training and compensation required to move to eco-friendly and animal-friendly agriculture. A recent Parliamentary Budget Office report commissioned by the Animal Justice Party found that it would cost $46.8 million to implement this plan. The Animal Justice Party will invest this sum to urgently progress this transition – building a climate-resilient future for all.

The plant-based alternative industry’s growth trajectory is projected to reach $3 billion by 2030, and cell-based alternatives are expected to reach $33 billion by 2030. With the world’s population tipped to reach 10 billion by 2050, there is an ever-growing demand for protein as a food source, and we have a plan to diversify it - ensuring food and job security, and a liveable planet.

Plant proteins and cultured meat offer an opportunity for Victoria to be a leader in an emerging industry that will create jobs and reduce our carbon footprint. These products are rapidly gaining favour among consumers who are seeking ways to reduce their consumption of animal products. 

The Animal Justice Party will make Victoria the alternative protein capital – from the raw materials grown on farms, to manufacturing, packaging and freight. We will also create the country’s first centre of excellence for cell-based based alternatives, with only two others existing in Israel and the Netherlands. This will centre Victoria as a leader in the field, reaping the economic benefits that come with it.


Our Focus

  • Create jobs by establishing Victoria as the capital of plant-based proteins
  • Support farmers in a just transition to climate-proof jobs
  • Taking real action on halting the climate emergency at its source