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Alicia Walker for Brighton

Alicia Walker is proud to be standing as the Animal Justice Party candidate for Brighton in the State Election. Passionate about the banning of greyhound racing and companion animal rights, Alicia is also a passionate advocate for ending family violence and addressing other important social justice issues.

Alicia worked in real estate for over 18 years. At the age of 29, she purchased her first real estate agency where she worked as a director and sales manager for many years. Recently, she embarked on a new journey and is now studying Psychology at Deakin University.

Alicia has had a very strong connection with animals from a very young age. She has fostered animals big and small, from guinea pigs and chickens to horses and, now, she's a proud parent to three happy, healthy vegan children, sharing their Elwood home with their rescue cats and dogs.

In 2012, Alicia became vegan and since then she has enjoyed volunteering for various animal shelters and running as the Animal Justice Party candidate for Higgins in the 2019 & 2022 Federal Elections.

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