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Alyssa Wormald For Bayswater

Alyssa Wormald has lived on Wurundjeri Country in outer eastern Melbourne for most of her life. Inspired by her mum’s campaigns and vegetarianism, Alyssa has been passionate about the environment and animal welfare from a young age. This has crystallised into passionate veganism and a focus on wildlife protection. 

From feeding soft-release possums and collecting data on platypuses as a youngster, Alyssa began actively campaigning for wildlife including with the Coalition Against Duck Shooting. She spent several seasons regularly on the wetlands until the birth of her daughter. She is so passionate about waterbirds she was out there even when pregnant and too round to fit through fences.

Whilst still supporting the duck campaign, Alyssa was a founder and inaugural director of the Australian Native Parrot Protection Association which campaigns against lethal control of parrots and promotes ethical alternatives. She then helped launch the Save the Kinley Kangas campaign which was an intense fight to protect two kangaroo mobs in the outer east before transforming this group into Victorian Kangaroo Alliance Inc. She is also on the steering committee for the International Kangaroo Protection Alliance.

Alyssa is a passionate proponent of the green burial movement and conducts community education on how this choice benefits the environment and creates habitat for wildlife. Though a busy working and campaigning mum, Alyssa jumped at the opportunity to stand for the Animal Justice Party which has supported her throughout many campaigns and aligned with her dreams of a kinder, greener future.

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