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Amelia Natoli for Malvern

Amelia is standing as your candidate for the Malvern District because she is a firm believer in the Animal Justice Party’s policies and values. Amelia is determined to create a fairer and kinder society for all animals, people and the planet.

As a long-time animal rights advocate, Amelia is passionate about animal welfare; and it is this passion which has led her to foster many rescue animals in the past. Amelia now shares her life with Mia, an American Staffy that she adopted three years ago.

With a particular interest in the welfare of companion and farmed animals, Amelia is committed to ensuring that legislation reflects community expectations in these areas. Since becoming vegan, Amelia has developed a better understanding of the mistreatment of farmed animals, and the suffering and cruelty which is hidden from the public and yet legal as standard industry practice. She also wants to take action to address the environmental impacts of animal agriculture on the planet, building a climate-resilient future for all.

Amelia is an active volunteer with Sea Sheperd Australia, driven to conserve marine life and protect our ocean. Further, as a Defence Force veteran, Amelia's service with the Royal Australian Navy taught her that anything you set your mind to is possible.

Having grown up in the South-Eastern suburbs, Amelia is a long-time local resident. She enjoys taking Mia for walks in the local area, catching up with family and friends as well as supporting local business and cafes.

When elected, Amelia will legislate to end recreational duck shooting, animal experimentation and greyhound and horse racing. In a world where we can be anything, Amelia believes we should choose to be kind.

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