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Andrew Klop for Dandenong

Animal Justice Party Victoria is proud to announce Andrew Klop as our candidate for Dandenong in the State Election. Andrew has lived most of his life in the South-Eastern suburbs and is proud to give the people of Dandenong the opportunity to vote for an alternative option this election: someone who cares deeply for animals, people and the planet.

As a Construction Industry Manager, Andrew has great concerns surrounding green wedge preservation and wildlife protection in the face of ever-growing urban development.  Andrew is very active in the South Eastern Metropolitan regional group of the Animal Justice Party and you will often see him at events and supporting election campaigns. Now, it is his turn to run for office.

Andrew became an animal advocate following a health scare that caused a reassessment of his priorities and he now combines his animal advocacy with environmental advocacy.  A father of five, Andrew wants a planet where his children and future generations can live in a healthy, kind and sustainable way. The Animal Justice Party has core values of kindness, equality, rationality and non-violence which mirror Andrew’s own values.

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