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Angylina Zayn for Mildura

Angylina Zayn is a dedicated animal rights advocate running as your candidate for Mildura in the upcoming State Election.

Born in Ankara, Turkey, Angylina moved with her small family to Australia in search of a better life, landing in Mildura, Victoria.

Learning what it was like to be a working person in Australia, Angylina worked as a waitress, fruit picker and translator before venturing into the arts and business industries. 

Through her work in these industries, she came to learn the full extent of the cruelty inflicted by humans on Animals. Seeing this, Angylina became Vegan and has since devoted her life to being the voice for the animals and the voiceless - she will not stop until all cages are empty.

Angylina is dedicated to bringing about an end to to factory farming by supporting farmers into ethical, environmentally-friendly plant-based agricultural industries. When elected, she will push for mandatory shade and shelter for animals, which is currently optional and results in the death of millions of sheep every year.

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