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Candace Feild for Broadmeadows

Candace Feild is your candidate for Broadmeadows, and she believes that animals deserve to be treated as the sentient beings that they are.

Living in Glenroy with her husband, two rescue dogs (Trevor and Nathan) and rescue cat ('Keith from Accounts'), Candace is passionate about supporting the work of animal shelters and rescues.

As part of this, Candace has witnessed the extensive number of greyhounds discarded by the racing industry and in need of adoption. When elected, Candace will fight for an end to the cruel greyhound racing industry in Victoria.

She is also 100% behind the Party's plan to introduce Veticare: a universal healthcare system for animals, which would ease the burden on vets, provide specialised care for wildlife, and reduce the number of animals surrendered to pounds by supporting owners to care for their companion animals.

Working in the sustainability industry, Candace recognises the importance of securing our natural environment, including protecting wildlife in the Broadmeadows District and beyond.

Candace is proud to stand as a candidate to bring awareness to the plight of animals, and act as a voice for all that we share this planet with.

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