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Ending Racing Cruelty

We are committed to ending greyhound and jumps racing cruelty – because no animal deserves to die for gambling profits.


The Problem

No animal deserves to die for gambling profits. Yet tens of thousands of horses and greyhounds are routinely used, abused and discarded by the racing industry across Victoria.

Many hundreds of horses and greyhounds die on the track while racing or training each year from broken necks, cardiac failure, and massive bleeds; or they are euthanised after injuries that could be treated – such as broken legs – because rehabilitation is not considered profitable. Others are exported offshore for more racing or breeding, to countries where there are often no laws to protect them.

In addition to this, each year thousands of greyhounds used in racing are killed when deemed no longer useful, and thousands of racehorses are slaughtered when no longer profitable.

These industries have no retirement plan for their animals. They operate on physical, emotional and financial exploitation. The public deserves to know the truth about what happens to horses and greyhounds so that it can be remedied. 


The Solution

The Animal Justice Party will end the most obvious and severe cruelties in horse racing – such as the whip, tongue ties, jumps racing and 2-year-old racing. As long as racing exists, we will do all we can to protect the animals that are forced to operate within it.

We will mandate an industry-wide retirement plan to ensure all animals who are no longer deemed profitable within the racing  industry are rehomed – in order to be rehabilitated and live the lives they always deserved.


Our Focus

  • Ban greyhound racing
  • End the use of whips and tongue ties in horse racing
  • End jumps racing
  • Establish an industry-wide retirement plan