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Gwynne Brennan for Cranbourne

Gwynne is honoured to stand as your Animal Justice Party candidate for Cranbourne. As a Cranbourne local, Gwynne has worked in community safety in government authorities for almost 25 years as well as being a passionate advocate for social justice for animals and humans.

Gwynne received the Australian Fire Services Medal in the 2019 Australia Day Honours for distinguished service. She was recognised for her work educating communities post Black Saturday and is passionate about implementing new approaches to engage communities in the creation of safety plans.

The core values of the Animal Justice Party are close to Gwynne’s heart – kindness, equality, rationality and non-violence.

Passionate about climate justice, Gwynne will introduce legislation to end land clearing and deforestation, which is being driven by the farming of livestock.

“The climate crisis threatens our way of life and our very existence on this planet. That’s why we have sustainable and evidence-based policies to deal with the major issues impacting on our society”.

When elected, Gwynne will push to increase accessibility to reliable renewable energy, and protect native wildlife from further habitat encroachment and inhumane slaughter.

Gwynne knows that community health and well-being benefits significantly from living with companion animals. This is why she will work to ensure residents can access affordable vet care that their pets need, as well as plenty of safe, green spaces for pets to exercise and socialise.

Sadly, companion animals can be caught up in family and domestic violence situations. To combat this, Gwynne will advocate for investment in animal-friendly refuges which will reduce obstacles for domestic violence victim-survivors and dependent children in accessing critical shelter.

“There is a clear link between animal abuse and domestic violence – I will advocate for early intervention for these destructive behaviours.”

When she isn’t campaigning for animal justice or working from home under the watchful eye of her own fur children, you’ll find Gwynne wandering the Cranbourne Botanical Gardens chasing the perfect photo of a blue wren.

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