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Jan Heald for Evelyn

Jan Heald has resided in Mount Evelyn in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges on Wurundjeri land for 15 years.

Having proudly been involved in almost every aspect of animal protection for 27 years, Jan has been a part of various important campaigns. She has worked to save Grey Headed Flying Foxes in the Royal Botanical Gardens, sat as the Secretary of Australian Wildlife Protection Council for 15 years, and is a local member of all Mt Evelyn Environment and Fauna monitoring groups.

After becoming aware of the devastating consequences of the logging industry when she was a teenager, Jan became an environmentalist advocating to protect our flora and fauna. She recognises that we need to put the natural world first in all decision-making.

The recent State of the Environment Report painted a shocking picture of Australia's environmental future - with over 50% of Australia's land used for animal agriculture, Jan wants to see an end to land clearing across Victoria. She will advocate for a fair and reasonable transition away from animal agribusiness and towards sustainable alternatives, building a climate-resilient future for all.

Jan's biggest passion is bringing awareness to the suffering of non-human animals. For the Evelyn District in particular, the prolific slaughter of kangaroos is rife, and the commercial kangaroo killing industry has only worsened the situation. Current legislation does not reflect community beliefs on how animals should be treated - which is why Jan is campaigning for animal sentience to be recognised by Victorian law.

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