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Jason Caracassis for St Albans

Born and bred in St Albans, Jason has chosen to stand as your Animal Justice Party candidate because he wants to give a voice to those without one.

Jason has seen the growth of multiculturalism and community diversity in the area, and the resultant need for accessible facilities which cater to everyone in the community.

With previous work that required Jason to visit abattoirs regularly, he has witnessed first-hand the cruelty that is inherent in these industries. Victorian legislation offers little to no protection for animals in intensive factory farms. If elected, it will be one of Jason's first priorities to change this, and to remove animals from the supply chain.

Slaughterhouses are not only incredibly cruel for animals, but also inhumane work environments for people. PTSD is common for workers in the industry, and this is why Jason wants to support animal agriculture farmers to transition away from factory farming and towards more sustainable alternatives like plant-based agriculture and cell-cultured meat. 

On a local level, Jason is committed to advocating for more secured off-leash spaces for companion animals, including family-friendly dog parks in the area. As a father of a child dependent on the NDIS, Jason will work to ensure those with disability can access meaningful opportunities in the community.

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