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Maddy Hance for Glen Waverley

Maddy is honoured to stand as your candidate for Glen Waverley. She strongly aligns with the Animal Justice Party’s values and policies, and is a passionate advocate for animal rights.

Maddy's involvement in animal rights began over 10 years ago, and she has since volunteered with many organisations - including in farmed animal rights, wildlife conservation and companion animal welfare. As a veterinary nurse of 7 years, Maddy has experienced the urgent need for affordable companion animal care. She is behind the Animal Justice Party's plan for Veticare, which would provide accessible health care for all pet owners and reduce the number of animals surrendered.

For the past 5 years, Maddy has worked extensively in animal rescue, and even founded her own rescue organisation. She has a special interest in rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming stray cats within her community, as well as rescuing animals on euthanasia lists in pounds.

With the goal of improving the current conservation of native species, Maddy is currently studying a Bachelor of Wildlife and Conservation Biology. If elected, she will prioritise banning recreational duck shooting to protect our native waterbirds.

Maddy is also an active volunteer at various wildlife rehabilitation shelters. She has seen first-hand the need to ensure that legislation meets community expectations on the protection of native wildlife. This includes lobbying against the commercial slaughtering of kangaroos and securing a ban on 1080 poisoning.

In her spare time, you'll often find with her 2 rescue dogs and 6 rescue birds. She also enjoys singing, having previously studied a Bachelor of Music.

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