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Meg Watkins for Western Metropolitan Region

Meg knows that for too long, animals have suffered at the hands of humans, humans have suffered at the hands of a broken system, and our planet has suffered at the hands of neglect and inaction.

As a passionate animal and environmental advocate, Meg understands the intersectionality of issues in the Western Metropolitan region.

And at just 24, she is standing as an election candidate because she knows that it's time that young people are given a seat at the table.

"Young people have inherited a broken world, and yet our voices aren’t being listened to by our political leaders when we try to fix it."

Meg is a thinker and a doer, and she advocates fiercely against the biggest threat to life on our planet: the climate emergency.

To become carbon negative, Meg knows that we have to address ALL factors that are causing global heating and degrading our natural places. When it comes to climate, animal agriculture is the cow in the room: with 93% of all land cleared to create pasture, and animal agriculture driving methane emissions, Meg will legislate for an immediate end to land clearing in Victoria. Further, she will push to support farmers to transition to ethical, eco-friendly and economically-booming plant-based agriculture opportunities.

Meg is proudly standing with the Animal Justice Party because it is the only party willing to stand up for the animals of Australia, including those whose habitats and lives are being destroyed by climate change.

Having spent years involved in animal rescue, Meg's experiences made it abundantly clear that the key to achieving real change for animals is through politics. Animals are the most neglected and voiceless of all.

When elected, Meg will fight to end greyhound racing, ban duck shooting and stop the use of the cruel 1080 poison.

The Party's values of Kindness, Equality, Rationality and Non-Violence are close to Meg's heart, so it naturally follows that her vision and commitments reach well beyond animals and the environment.

Meg knows that in order to achieve justice for animals and our planet, leaders must fight unapologetically for social justice too.

"Everyone’s voice matters" she says. "We owe it to those without a voice to speak on their behalf; animals and vulnerable human populations have suffered in silence too long."

Mental health is the unspoken pandemic in Victoria. The system is broken, and Meg knows that people with lived experiences must be placed at the forefront of reforming it. She is also passionate about amplifying the voices of disabled people, women and First Nations people - who have all been let down by the systems that should have protected them. It's time for change.

Meg will stand unapologetically in Parliament for animals, people and the planet. She is ready to be the rational voice that the Western Metropolitan Region needs to build a kind, equitable society for future generations.

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