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How to Vote for Animal Justice Party

Download our How to Vote for Animal Justice Party guides for the Victorian Senate and for our 16 candidates standing in Casey, Chisholm, Cooper, Corangamite, Corio, Deakin, Dunkley, Flinders, Higgins, Indi, Isaacs, Kooyong, La Trobe, Macnamara, Melbourne and Wills. 

Voting #1 for Animal Justice Party is NEVER a wasted vote! 

In Australia, you can’t waste your vote! The preferential voting system is a powerful voting tool - if the party you vote for does not win a seat, your vote will flow to your next choice but you will have sent a message to them about what is important to you. The major parties do not want you to know that voting for a minor party gives you a bonus vote rather than a wasted one. Put us #1 every time you vote!