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Peter Kelly for Lara

Peter Kelly is a passionate advocate for environmental protection, social equity and animal welfare, and is proud to stand as your candidate for Lara.

As well as being committed to strong and urgent environmental protection laws, Peter recognises that changes to agricultural practices are crucial to combating the effects of climate change.

With animal agriculture a leading cause of global heating, Peter wants to see investment to transition the industry towards sustainable alternatives. This is not only necessary for true climate action, but to ensure the protection of farmed animals and wildlife. Further, with a background in insurance, Peter understands the economic importance of acting urgently on the climate emergency.

Peter plans to push fiercely for the rights of the natural world to be better enshrined in law. With stronger environmental protections in place, we can end species extinction and create a better life for all.

Peter has lived locally for 11 years, working from home since the start of the pandemic. When he's not out walking or running his blonde rescue labrador Sully, you can often find Peter spending the evening around Cowies Creek in Bell Park.

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