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Stop 1080 - Victoria's cruellest poison

1080 poison is an odourless and tasteless powder … and it’s deadly. For everyone.

Despite being used to ‘control’ introduced species, 1080 poison kills everything that gets in its path. Because it has no antidote, once ingested, there is nothing that can be done to stop an animal dying a slow and painful death.

1080 is also a secondary poison - meaning that it also kills animals who eat the carcass of a poisoned animal. Its destruction is hard to comprehend, and across Victoria, 1080 has been known to kill domestic dogs and cats, as well as native species.

The reality is, no animal deserves to die this way - whether they belong here or not. And there are kinder alternatives that are also much more effective at managing populations in the long term - such as immuno-contraceptives to stop the breeding of introduced species.

That’s why we are calling on the Victorian Labor Government to do the right thing and ban 1080 poison - just as most countries across the world have already done.