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Stop Subsidising Cruelty

Too many industries that harm animals are supported by government subsidies; and it’s the taxpayers who foot the bill. We will stop subsidising cruelty, and divert funding to the areas that need it most – like Veticare, education,  properly funding healthcare and tackling housing insecurity.


The Problem

Industries that profit from harming animals while promoting gambling receive massive subsidies from the Victorian Government and it is the Victorian tax-payer footing the bill.

Despite already being one of the wealthiest industries, Victoria’s horse racing industry receives millions of dollars in extra subsidies from the Victorian Government each year. 

With so many communities that truly deserve investment, it is time for the Victorian Government to stop needlessly supporting a self-sufficient lucrative industry that relies on animal and human exploitation. 


The Solution

We will end government subsidies to cruel industries like horse racing, freeing up hundreds of millions of dollars. 

Over 10 years, this would equate to almost a billion Victorian taxpayer dollars which could be used where it is needed most. 

We will divert this money to priority areas such as Veticare, education, healthcare, state infrastructure,  transport and tackling the housing crisis.

Because our taxes should go to things that benefit everyone – not a profit-driven industry built on exploitation.


Our Focus

  • Stop government subsidies for cruel industries
  • Redirect funds into health, education and infrastructure
  • Ensuring taxpayer funds are spent in alignment with the expectations of the community