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Biosecurity is a word describing procedures to protect people from biological dangers such as infectious diseases. It includes measures designed to prevent new diseases evolving. Factory farms pose significant biosecurity risks to all...

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Cultured Meat

Meat cultured from individual animal cells has the potential to replace meat produced from killing animals. But if cultured meat is identical to normal meat, it will cause the same health problems....

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Decent Work

The emerging literature on the psychological effects of slaughterhouse work on humans is substantive(1,2,3). We already know that farming animals for food is harmful to animals, the environment and human health. Now...

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The AJP believes that the exploitation of animals is not only unnecessary but detrimental to education. Furthermore, whilst education is a right that should be respected, it should not come at the...

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The Animal Justice Party (AJP) is opposed to fireworks because of their impact on wildlife and domesticated animals, which outweighs any engaging and exciting display. Key Objectives End the use of fireworks....

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Gun Control

The Animal Justice Party (AJP) supports the 1996 National Firearms Agreement (NFA). Gun violence has no place in Australia and yet the proliferation of firearms puts innocent lives in danger. AJP will...

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The AJP supports a universal publicly funded healthcare system. We want to broaden the focus in health policy from just treating disease to also improving health. We believe the biggest gains in...

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Land Transport

Vehicles, roads and internal combustion engines have disastrous side effects for animals, the environment and people. The Animal Justice Party (AJP) recognises that Australia needs a national shift away from road transport...

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Mental Health

AJP will work with existing mental health experts to integrate animal care and interaction with existing programs. The AJP believes that just as diet and exercise are crucial for physical wellbeing, caring...