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Dr Tamasin Ramsay for Lowan

Dr Tamasin Ramsay is a former Melbourne paramedic and a medical anthropologist (PhD). It was during her formative years growing up in the Bega Valley that Tamasin developed a profound respect for nature and other animals. 
Tamasin has lived and worked in remote and rural Australia, large metropolises like New York and Rome, and tribal villages in India. Since 2019 she has lived in the magnificent Gariwerd landscape at the foothills of the Bullawin Ranges. Tamasin feels very at home here, which make sense as she recently learned that her ancestors have lived in the western district since 1856. 
Tamasin is running in the seat of Lowan to bring a different spirit to the world of politics. One of deep listening, open conversations, and genuine collaboration among all people of all kinds. Which is why she is running on a platform grounded in the values of kindness, equality, rationality and non-violence. 
She considers running as a candidate to be a great privilege and will do her best to advocate for all individuals of all species that call this area home. 

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