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Vyonne McLelland-Howe for Bendigo East

As a mother and a grandmother, Vyonne's priority is knowing that she left this life having been a part of creating a safer, more equitable, healthier and kinder society for all animals - both human and non-human. The values of the Animal Justice Party - Kindness, Equality, Rationality and Non-Violence are close to her heart.

In her career as a family lawyer, Vyonne witnessed the effects of control and disempowerment, and is passionate about addressing these issues as a matter of urgency. Standing as your candidate for Bendigo East, Vyonne is committed to being a voice for those who suffer in silence as a result of these unjust imbalances of power.

Vyonne is a dedicated advocate for climate action and is an active member of the Bendigo Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF). Currently, the group are working closely with the Climate Collaboration in Bendigo to find solutions to the climate emergency and the declining wildlife populations, particularly in the Bendigo region. Vyonne is also an active member of Wildlife Rescue & Information Network (WRIN), and as a wildlife rescuer and carer, she has experienced first-hand the devastating effects on native wildlife caused by negative human interference.

One area of particular interest to Vyonne is the unacceptable number of deaths and injuries caused to wildlife by speeding motorists. Having successfully advocated to reduce the speed limit on a major road leading into Bendigo, as well as to establish wildlife crossing signs on arterial roads, Vyonne will continue to push to prioritise these shifts across Victoria.

The habitats of native wildlife have been destroyed by planning laws that allow the destruction of the bushland. This is why Vyonne, when elected, will campaign to change planning laws and legislate to end logging in our regional forests.

Vyonne is also an active member in local revegetation projects to provide habitat for wildlife, as well as projects to create wildlife corridors from urban to outlying regions. This involves a great deal of networking with all stakeholders including local residents, community groups, local council, Parks Victoria and Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP). Communication and negotiation are crucial to achieving success for these corridors and for the protection of animals.

As a member of local Landcare groups, Vyonne regularly meets with farmers from the region. She is passionate about investing in support for farmers to diversify and transition towards plant-based agriculture.

Vyonne is proud to stand as a candidate with the Animal Justice Party because she believes it is a crucial part of an important movement to provide real solutions to the problems we all face today.

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