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UPDATE: Harrowing footage captured by Farm Transparency Project has revealed the rape of a female pig at a Victorian piggery.

A farmer has been arrested for this heinous crime but shockingly, only part of the sexual abuse perpetrated in the video is considered illegal in Victoria

We must renew our calls to strengthen bestiality laws across Victoria and implement mandatory CCTV in farms and slaughterhouses to prevent this ever happening again.  

Crush videos, also known as 'animal snuff' videos, are disturbing sexual fetish materials leading to severe animal cruelty. Following an investigation that exposed over 3,000 such videos available in Australia, efforts in NSW led to significant legal changes.

We must update Victorian legislation to outlaw crush videos and include all sexual engagement with animals in the definition of bestiality. 

This amendment would close a critical gap in the law, addressing a form of animal cruelty and sexual exploitation that is currently not explicitly covered. Advocacy for this change underscores the urgency of aligning Victorian laws with the moral and legal standards necessary to fully protect animals.