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Ban Crush & Bestiality Videos In Victoria

Crush, or ‘animal snuff ’ videos are sexual fetish videos that involve animal cruelty, usually crushing one or multiple animals to death. 

After an open-source investigation found over 3000 videos for sale available to people in Australia, including videos of crushing and killing kittens & puppies, Emma Hurst MP was able to advocate to have laws in NSW changed. "Bestiality or animal crush material" is now inserted into the NSW Crimes Act 1900 and the offence criminalises the production, possession and dissemination of bestiality and animal crush material, in a similar way to the existing child abuse material offence. 

While bestiality and animal cruelty are both illegal, there is NO specific offence in VICTORIA that makes it illegal to possess or distribute bestiality, or animal crush footage and images.

This is a dangerous gap in our laws here. The Victorian Labor Government must fix it!