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Scrap Cruel ATCW Permits

The Authority to Control Wildlife (ATCW) permit system is broken.

Native wildlife is protected in Victoria under the Wildlife Act 1975 and it is illegal to kill, trap or disturb wildlife without a permit. However, permits called Authorities to Control Wildlife (ATCWs) can be issued when wildlife is causing damage to property, posing a risk to human health and safety or is negatively impacting other biodiversity values... essentially, a tick-and-flick licensing system.

The recently released 2022 ATCW data shows that permits were issued by the Conservation Regulator in Victoria to lethally 'control':

  • 54,524 Eastern Grey Kangaroos 
  • 4,878 Western Grey Kangaroos 
  • 2,665 Lorikeets
  • 2,425 Corellas
  • 2,030 Red Kangaroos 
  • 1,862 Wombats 
  • 1,778 Wallabies  
  • 596 Rosellas
  • 452 Emus
  • 415 Cape Barren Geese
  • 85 Black Swans

And that is barely touching the surface. Eastern and Western Grey Kangaroos slaughtered under the "Kangaroo Harvesting Program" are not included in the data!

Previous years' data is also available - 2020 & 2021