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The Heart of Animal Advocacy: Discover the Animal Justice Party Victoria


Meet Animal Justice Party Victoria: Champions for Animal Rights"

The Animal Justice Party was established in 2009 in response to growing public concern over the abuse, harm and mistreatment of non-human animals across Australia.  

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Our Achievements in Victoria

After 10 years of advocating for animals in the political arena and securing elected representatives in both State and Local Government, the Animal Justice Party has achieved a significant number of changes...

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AJP Victoria - State Committee

In September 2023, Victorian Delegates voted in the next State Committee to steer the Victorian branch of the Animal Justice Party through the next two years. They bring a wealth of real-world, political...

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Our Animal "Members"

We love and adore our treasured companions and now they can help their wild, domestic & captive cousins have a voice in the Victorian Parliament. By making a small donation on behalf of your best...

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