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Help us secure a ban to stop shooting ducks

The Select Committee on Victoria's Native Bird Hunting Arrangements recommended a permanent ban on recreational duck and quail shooting on public and private land from 2024. 10,000+ submissions were received by the Committee - breaking the record for the largest ever in Victorian parliament history. From scientists and bird experts to volunteer rescuers and economists - the evidence in support of a ban was overwhelming. 

Despite strong public sentiment for a ban, and the Inquiry's recommendation on a permanent ban, Victorian Labor has bowed down to the 0.3% of Victorians who are licensed to shoot ducks, rather than listen to the majority of Victorians who care about and value native wildlife.

Recreational duck and quail shooting was outlawed by Labor Governments in Western Australia in 1990, New South Wales in 1995 and Queensland in 2005. The campaign in Victoria has been running for almost 40 years, and these recommendations bring the state closer than ever before to our own Labor Government doing the same.

We are just one step away from ending this archaic practice for good. Send them a message!