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Pound and Shelter Reform in Victoria

In Oct 2020, Andy Meddick introduced debate into the Victorian Legislative Council for a motion to end convenience killing in pounds and shelters. He called for a simple and common sense approach to attending to the animals that find themselves in pounds and shelters.

"No rescue group should have to beg to save an animal on death row. And the public should know just how many animals are killed - and why. Transparency is vital if we want to bring about change."

During debate on the motion, Andy shared the story of Dash the Greyhound. He was killed by a large shelter for treatable anxiety when his foster carer, Claire, was asked to return him for adoption. Dash's story started a community campaign to reform pounds and shelters and 27,545 Victorians signed Claire's e-petition to "Stop convenience killing of Victorian shelter animals."

Andy presented the petition to Parliament and his motion passed with a vote of 34-3. 

In March 2021, the Minister for Agriculture established the Taskforce on Rehoming Pets to investigate and provide recommendations to the government on how to improve pet rehoming pathways in Victoria - installing Andy Meddick as the chair of the taskforce. 

The Taskforce provided its final report and recommendations to the Minister in December 2021 and, in May 2022, the Government provided their response.

"The Victorian Government broadly supports the Taskforce’s recommendations and is committed to working closely with key stakeholders, particularly rehoming groups, to develop and implement reforms that will improve welfare and rehoming outcomes for pets."

We have been waiting for this announcement and it’s huge news for our companion animals and the dedicated Victorians who care for them. The taskforce made 17 important recommendations to improve companion animal survival rates and transparency within the pet rehoming sector. We’re so thrilled to announce every single one of them has been supported. Every. Single. One.

You can download and read the response below.