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Companion Animal "Membership"

Due to popular demand, the Victorian Branch is introducing animal memberships... and they're tax-deductible! By making a donation for your best friend to become a member you, and your political animal companion, will help us grow our movement to champion rights for all animals in the political sphere. 

  • $15 donation - 1 animal

  • $30 donation - 2 or more animals

Complete the donation form and enter your companion animal's name! We'll then send you instructions on where to send a photo of your treasured mate, or mates!, for the AJP Animal Member Honour Wall!

If you're willing to cover the postage, we'll send you a free bandana for your furry, feathered or scaled mate. Info on how to redeem will follow!

Please note, 1. this membership will auto-renew on the anniversary of this payment, and, 2. your animal's membership is not recognised by the Party constitution and therefore does not have any membership voting rights... although maybe one day!

Donation Rules: Funds raised go to our state election campaign account. There is a donation cap and disclosure threshold for donations to state election campaigns in Victoria. More information is available on our Political Donations page

Tax Rules: Political contributions and gifts over $2 to a maximum of $1,500 per year may be tax-deductible. ATO Website

Having trouble? Please call our State Manager on 0420 403 213 (biz hours)

250 Donors Goal


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