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Political Donations

Donation Information - Victorian Elections

There is a maximum amount that can be donated to state campaigns in Victoria, and donations are subject to the following conditions:

  • If you make or receive a political donation of $1,170 or more you must disclose it using the VEC Disclosures online system. You must do this within 21 days of the donation.
  • Small contributions (under $58) do not count towards the $4,670 general donation cap. It is an offence to make or receive multiple small contributions to deliberately avoid the disclosure threshold or general donation cap.
  • Donations can only be made by Australian citizens, Australian residents, and any organisation that has an Australian Business Number (ABN).

Further information on Victorian political donation laws


Donation Information - Federal Elections

Donations to our Federal Election Campaign account are subject to the following conditions:

  • donations over $16,300 are subject to disclosure under the provisions of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918,
  • donations may be made by a business with an Australian Business Number,
  • foreign donations over $100 cannot be accepted.

Further information on Commonwealth political donation laws