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Marcia Simons for Mill Park

Marcia Simons is proud to be standing as your candidate for Mill Park in the upcoming State Election.

Her professional career has consisted of many roles within the disability field, private counselling and eleven years working in Local Government - however it is her advocacy for animals which sets her apart.

Marcia’s passion for animal welfare stems back to her childhood. She is now particularly concerned with animal and environmental issues relating to the climate emergency and the decimation of wildlife habitat as a result of poorly planned housing and business development.

Recognising that animals suffer immensely at the hands of cruel systems, Marcia will legislate for a ban on duck shooting and an overhaul of cruel factory farming practices which persist throughout Victoria.

Marcia was a candidate for Mill Park at the last Victorian Election in 2018 and continues to represent best practice in the treatment of all animals, both wild and domestic; while seeking to ensure Victoria has an effective compliance and enforcement system in place to underpin animal welfare practices.

In her spare time, you'll find Marcia painting animals from photos to help people through the grief of losing their pets.

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