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Bella Holgate for Bundoora

Bella is a recent arts graduate from Monash University, majoring in philosophy and literature. She is an aspiring writer, interested in drawing attention to the plight of animals through storytelling.

As a child, Bella always felt there was a discrepancy between what she learnt about animals through film and literature versus what she learnt at school and home. She knew from a young age that harming animals was wrong, and believes that we need to foster this compassion throughout adulthood.

With a review of animal welfare legislation in Victoria currently underway, Bella hopes to see inconsistencies in the proposed Animal Welfare Act amended, specifically where there are prohibitions of cruelty to some animals - and where exemptions permit cruelty to animals used in farming and entertainment.

Since becoming vegan in 2016, Bella has been passionate about educating others on the injustices faced by animals and has volunteered for various animal advocacy organisations. She believes that education for brands and businesses contributing to animal harm is a crucial tool for changing animal welfare standards.

Following the wins achieved by the Animal Justice Party in the last 4 years, Bella is eager to stand as your candidate for Bundoora - committed to building on the Party’s capacity for securing improvements to the well-being of animals, people, and the planet.

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