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Chi Vo for Mordialloc

As a proud Vietnamese-Australian, Chi has lived in Melbourne his whole life and currently works as an electrician.

Chi is driven by strong core values and believes in leading by example with kindness and integrity.

As well as regularly volunteering at local animal sanctuaries, Chi volunteered at Sea Shepherd Global for two West Africa campaigns. He became vegan over 5 years ago and loves sharing with others his experience of living an ethical lifestyle.

Chi's motivation for running as a candidate stemmed from the desire to build on the Animal Justice Party's 4 successful years in Parliament, bringing real change for animals, people and the environment.

If elected, he is committed to securing stronger legislation to protect farmed animals in Victoria, and wants to see an Animal Crime Division established to deal with animal abuse across the state. Chi will also advocate for an end to the recreational duck shooting season which kills thousands of waterbirds across Victoria every year.

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