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BROKEN PROMISES: Victoria's pig cruelty exposed

An explosive investigation by Farm Transparency Project has revealed a number of Victorian piggeries are confining sows to stalls, despite an industry phase-out deadline of 2017. 

The horrific footage shows mother sows stacked in rows of cages so small they are unable to turn around for as long as 26 days at a time. 

Pigs are one of the most intelligent and emotional animals we share this planet with.  Restricting their freedom of movement causes immeasurable suffering.

This self-regulated phase-out was extremely deceptive and without enforcement the pork industry has claimed 'cruelty-free' products without scrutiny.

Consumers have been misled in viewing cages as a thing of the past.

The Andrews Government has no choice but to mandate an urgent and complete ban on sow stalls and other forms of pig confinement in Victoria.