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Jumps Racing 

In a landmark decision, Racing South Australia has announced an end to jumps racing. It leaves behind Victoria as the only state to still permit this cruel event. 

In jumps racing, horses are forced to clear tall obstacles at high speeds in crowded groups. It kills and injures horses at a far greater rate than any other form of racing.

At least 74 horses are known to have died from catastrophic jumps injuries since 2009. Since the racing industry is not required to report all injuries and deaths, this number is undoubtedly higher.  Despite attempts to make racing safer, horses are continuing to die.  

Racing Victoria declared an end to jumps back in 2009. Following pressure from the industry, the decision was overturned less than 7 weeks later. 

It's time to call on Racing Victoria and the Victorian government to end jumps racing, once and for all.