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Animal Justice Party Policies and Positions

The Animal Justice Party has a long term vision for a kinder Australia, and recognises that change can't happen over night. Our policies recognise this and therefore incorporate our vision as well as the steps required to get there.


Policies and Positions: What's the difference?

Policies focus on issues that the Animal Justice Party and Members of Parliament will actively campaign on. Policies are our core business, and include issues like improving protection of pets, puppy farming, factory farming, live animal export and hunting.

We also recognise that voters need to know how the Animal Justice Party will vote on important non-animal issues, and therefore have developed positions to address these. Our positions are developed in line with our core values of Kindness, Equality, Rationality and Non-Violence.

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Animal Policy (Captive)

Animal Experimentation

The Animal Justice Party (AJP) will seek to rapidly phase out animal experimentation throughout Australia because it is cruel, outdated and ineffective. We must urgently stop funding animal experimentation and transition towards...

Animal Policy (Captive)

Animals In Entertainment

Formidable animal welfare challenges exist around Australia with regard to the unnatural use of animals in commercially-operated entertainment enterprises. These enterprises include: performing animal circuses; rodeos; horse and greyhound racing; jumps racing;...

Animal Policy (Wild)

Bats And Flying Foxes

The AJP values flying foxes and bats for their intrinsic worth and believes we should provide and maintain their basic needs, instead of seeing them as ‘pests’. Key Objectives To address misinformation focusing...

People Policy


Biosecurity is a word describing procedures to protect people from biological dangers such as infectious diseases. It includes measures designed to prevent new diseases evolving. Factory farms pose significant biosecurity risks to all...

Animal Policy (Wild)


Brumbies are introduced free-roaming horses that have existed in Australia since European invasion. Brumbies are sentient animals that are worthy of protection, yet they have also attracted controversy due to competition with...

People Policy

Cultured Meat

Meat cultured from individual animal cells has the potential to replace meat produced from killing animals. But if cultured meat is identical to normal meat, it will cause the same health problems....

People Policy


The AJP believes that the exploitation of animals is not only unnecessary but detrimental to education. Furthermore, whilst education is a right that should be respected, it should not come at the...

People Policy

Gun Control

The Animal Justice Party (AJP) supports the 1996 National Firearms Agreement (NFA). Gun violence has no place in Australia and yet the proliferation of firearms puts innocent lives in danger. AJP will...

Animal Policy (Wild)


Kangaroos are sentient and sociable native Australian animals with strong cultural significance for First Nations and the nation as a whole. We must cease treating kangaroos as a ‘resource’, or a ‘pest’...

Animal Policy (Wild)


Koalas must not be judged on the basis of their impact on development or tourism. Their habitat must be protected, particularly given their current vulnerable status in Queensland, NSW and ACT. They...

Animal Policy (Wild)

Native Birds

The AJP wants to increase biodiversity and to promote practices that enable a flourishing native bird population, coexisting with humans throughout Australia. The AJP recognises the importance that biodiversity plays for birdlife...

Animal Policy (Wild)


Sharks are an essential part of ocean eco-systems and the AJP advocates complete protection for them; from both culling and harvesting. We also call for a ban on the importation of all...

Animal Policy (Wild)


The AJP recognises that wombats and their rights to protection, quality of life and habitat preservation are the responsibility of all Australians. We have a unique role in caring for this iconic...

Animal Policy (Captive)


The AJP only supports zoos, marine parks and aquariums where they function in the service of animals. Functions may include breeding of endangered animals, rescue and rehabilitation and serving as a permanent...

Position Statements


The Animal Justice Party (AJP) believes that access to abortion and contraceptive services is a fundamental component of a person’s right to make reproductive choices and control their own body. The AJP...

Position Statements

Asylum Seekers

The Animal Justice Party (AJP) will act upon its core principles of Kindness, Equality, Rationality and Non-Violence, by responding to the suffering of those persons who are forced to leave their countries of origin...

Position Statements


The Animal Justice Party (AJP) supports decriminalising the use of cannabis and calls for regulations to enable a lawful and safe supply. The AJP acknowledges the evidence of adverse side effects and...

Position Statements


The Animal Justice Party (AJP) relies upon our core values of Kindness, Equality, Rationality and Non-Violence in forming our position to stamp out corruption in all of its forms and in all levels and arms...

Position Statements

Gender Equality

The AJP recognises and celebrates the substantive contributions and achievements of women and gender-diverse persons. The AJP wants to see a society where all people are affirmed and valued; however, women and...

Position Statements


People without a home is an indictment on our society Everyone has the right to adequate housing. The Animal Justice Party urges the Australian Commonwealth, state and territory governments to meet their international obligations to...

Position Statements


The Animal Justice Party (AJP) acknowledges that vaccination has been among the most successful of all modern medical interventions, significantly reducing illness and mortality rates amongst humans and non-human animals. Vaccination protects...

Position Statements

Voluntary Euthanasia

The AJP supports voluntary euthanasia with appropriate safeguards to ensure that the choice is free and well informed. This choice should only be available when a person is diagnosed with a disease, illness or...