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End Greyhound Racing

In Victoria, gentle, docile greyhounds are being treated as nothing more than commodities to create gambling profits.

44 greyhounds were killed while racing in Victoria last year. A further 3475 were injured in collisions on the track.

Greyhounds are forced to run at high speeds around sharp turns, putting immense pressure on their limbs. 85% of greyhounds killed in 2021 had suffered leg fractures.

There’s no denying that racing dogs die distressed, confused, panicked and in pain. It’s a brutal industry where the losers are the dogs - and they pay with their lives.

We must do all we can to end it now.

Image: Screengrab from Sky Racing's telecast show the moment of impact that led to the death of Zipping Slade at Beckley Park on Tuesday 5th April 2022.