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Victorian Dogs Are Dying

We demand an inquiry into greyhound racing!

Every day in Victoria, gentle greyhounds are being treated as nothing more than commodities to create gambling profits.

48 greyhounds were killed while racing in Victoria last year and over 3,000 were injured in collisions on the track.

These naturally docile animals are being forced to run at speeds of up to 70 km around sharp turns, putting immense pressure on their bodies.  The majority die from broken legs and exhaustion.

Despite extensive tax payer funded ‘safety improvements’, Victoria is home to some of the deadliest tracks.  On top of this the industry is breeding almost 350% more dogs than they have the ability to rehome

It’s the dedicated animal protection groups and whistleblowers who repeatedly expose the greyhound industry for live baiting, illegal exports and extreme cruelty It’s about time they were held accountable.

There’s no denying that racing dogs die distressed, confused, panicked and in pain. It’s a brutal industry where the losers are the dogs - and they pay with their lives.

We're calling for an inquiry into greyhound racing because these remarkable animals deserve so much more.