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Davina Hinkley for South-Eastern Metropolitan Region

Davina is proud to run with the Animal Justice Party for the second time, eager to represent the people, animals and environment of the South-Eastern Metropoltian Region.

As the Managing Director of a successful events business for over 20 years, Davina understands the importance of local business and community. She is also a volunteer animal rescuer.

She is committed to creating a better, kinder world for future generations and this is what led Davina to stand as your candidate. As part of this, she recognises that animals experience far too much unnecessary suffering, which is why Davina will legislate an end to inhumane practices such as the use of sow stalls and battery cages in factory farming.

Davina also knows that millions of lambs die from exposure to the elements every year in Victoria. If elected, Davina will ensure that shade and shelter is mandatory for all farmed animals, to protect them from harsh winter cold and scorching summer heat.

Finally, Davina is behind the Animal Justice Party's plan for Veticare. She is dedictaed to working in Parliament to see this model implemented across Victoria, alleviating the burden of high vet bills and ensuring companion animals and wildlife get the care they deserve.

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