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Elnaz Jafari for Bulleen

Elnaz moved to the Manningham region in 2003, and lives with three dogs. Though she travelled around Victoria for her studies before returning in 2020, the leafy and picturesque area has always been associated with home.

From a young age, Elnaz’s instincts have been to protect animals whenever possible. Whether it be rescuing insects found in the home, pulling over on a busy street to relocate a fledgling that had wandered into dangerous territory, or regularly catching and dropping stray dogs to a veterinarian’s clinic so they could be united with their carer – she cannot turn away when there is a need for assistance.

Elnaz's keen interest in the sciences, coupled with strong desire to help others, initially led her to pursue a career as a doctor.

However after bringing a dog into her life part way through her medical studies, Elnaz's love for animals was reignited. From there, she learned of the atrocities that are commonplace in the agri-industry complex, and decided to change her career path to study Veterinary Medicine. Elnaz will shortly attain a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and ultimately hopes to impact legislature within the Department of Agriculture.

As part of this, Elnaz is pushing to establish rights and status for animals beyond 'property'. She is passionate about ending the extreme confinement experienced by pigs and battery hens in factory farms, and abolishing the barbaric 'Mulesing' procedure used on sheep to produce wool.

As a Veterinary student, Elnaz also advocates for anaesthetic use to be mandated for any animal procedure that has the potential to cause pain.

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