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Jacinta Anderson for South-West Coast

Jacinta is from Gunditjmara Country, where one of the local tribes of the Gunditjimarra Nation are known as the koala language speakers.

With many years of hands-on active wildlife rescuing under her belt, Jacinta has witnessed the impact of habitat destruction first-hand - and this is what drives her to advocate for the conservation and protection of all animals.

Living near a meatworks, Jacinta regularly sees trucks full of innocent animals which further fuels her strong stance against intensive factory farming practices. By supporting farmers into economically booming plant-based industries, Jacinta hopes to build a future where animals are not exploited for profit. 

Through education and kindness, Jacinta hopes that people will change their perception of native wildlife and learn that in order to truly look after the country and sea, we have to put animals, people and the planet first. When elected, Jacinta will push for tougher laws to protect current koala habitats and to develop wildlife corridors, crossings and reduce speed limits in animal hot spots.

She is also a fierce advocate against the cruel duck shooting season and plans to push the Victorian government to call an end to this blood sport once and for all.

Jacinta is looking forward to representing her local region in the South-West Coast District, including prioritising affordable housing in the area.

When she's not busy running her own fashion label and retail business, you can find Jacinta enjoying long walks along the beach (picking up rubbish on the way!).

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