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Jennifer McAdam for Eastern Victoria Region

Jennifer is running as an Animal Justice Party candidate for the fourth time, committed to providing voters with an kinder alternative. She is now proud to stand as your Upper House candidate for the Eastern Victoria Region.

Born in Melbourne, Jennifer had a keen interest in human rights issues since high school - however it wasn’t until her early twenties, when someone asked Jennifer why she cared so much about addressing violence and cruelty towards people and yet she so readily turned away from animal cruelty, did she realise that she needed to do more.

Now, Jennifer is running in the state election so that the billions of animals that humans share this planet with are given a voice.

Jennifer is also a proud vegan mother who lives with her partner, children and rescued rabbits and ducks in the beautiful hills of Eastern Victoria. As a respite foster care parent, volunteer tutor for refugees and long-term human rights advocate, Jennifer cares greatly about the plight of both human and non-human animals. She aspires to end unnecessary violence against both.

As a teacher, Jennifer is inspired daily by the compassion for animals so many of her students have, and she knows this compassion should be harnessed. This is why Jennifer firmly supports the Animal Justice Party's campaign to stop the exploitation of animals for recreation - including horse racing, duck shooting and greyhound racing.

Further, Jennifer is dedicated to phasing out factory farming and supporting the industry to transition to sustainable and ethical alternatives, such as plant-based farming.

Locally, she plans to secure government funding to support educational programs on animal ownership - with the aim of working with cat owners to achieve responsible management of companion animals in order to protect local wildlife.

Jennifer is excited to be a part of a much kinder future, and is proud to stand on the right side of history. She hopes you will stand with her.

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