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Katherine Dolheguy for Berwick

Katherine is a writer and lecturer at two Melbourne universities, and worked in media before becoming a qualified secondary and vocational education teacher. Within her teaching roles, Katherine works to support and mentor students from low socioeconomic, neurodiverse and minority backgrounds.

A long time animal advocate, Katherine lives by the Animal Justice Party values of kindness, equality, rationality and non-violence. She has been a voice for animals since she was 12 and as an adult, Katherine has been an active member of multiple organisations to continue her advocacy for the most vulnerable in our community.

Katherine is deeply concerned about the link between the climate emergency and animal agriculture, particularly as a government-subsidised industry which continues to decline in commercial value versus the harm it causes our environment and animals. Katherine wants to see farmers in these industries supported in a just transition to sustainable and plant-based produce.

Like most Victorians, Katherine is eager to secure a ban on recreational duck shooting. She also suppports the Party's plan for Veticare - universal healthcare for animals, which will make veterinary care more accessible and affordable for all companion animals and their owners.

Katherine knows that a better world for animals is a better world for humans and our environment, and this is why she is proud to stand as your candidate for Berwick.

In her spare time you can find Katherine running, or enjoying Victoria's live music and arts scene.

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