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Leah Folloni for Monbulk

Leah is a local business owner, living in the Monbulk District with her husband and two boys. As an animal lover, Leah has been involved in animal rescue for most of her life and will be standing as an Animal Justice Party candidate for the fourth time.

As well as running her own self-funded animal sanctuary with around 45 rescued animals, Leah supports other charities when she can - including wildlife care, and duck rescue out on the wetlands.

Leah has witnessed many atrocities in her animal advocacy work, the majority of which are standard, legal practice in the factory farming practices. It is through seeing this cruelty that Leah has come to devote her life to ensuring animals have a voice.

Further, Leah is passionate about educating people to make kinder choices. This includes advocating for the benefits of a vegan lifestyle, and bringing awareness to the fact that animal agriculture is a driving force behind the climate emergency. The decimation of our natural environment must be taken seriously by our government - and Leah plans to ensure that the role of animal agriculture in this crisis is no longer ignored.

Current control programs for introduced species are not only inherently cruel, but they don't work. Leah is campaigning for investment into immuno-contraception through non-surgical sterilisation programs, which provide humane solutions to the issue of introduced species in the Monbulk District.

As a committed proponent of the Animal Justice Party's values, Leah is running as your candidate because she believes that much more needs to be done to create a better world for animals, people and our planet.

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