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Leah Horsfall for Northern Metropolitan Region

Leah is standing for election in the Northern Metropolitan Region in the state election because she is determined to help create a fairer and kinder society for all animals and all people.

She has built her life and career around this – by working as a teacher and in international development, volunteering to help vulnerable people and animals get a fair go, and by raising her children as best she can.

Leah is driven by kindness in everything she does, and always sticks up for others. Born and raised on Wurundjeri Country in Naarm/Melbourne, Leah started her career in teaching in Naarm, the Czech Republic and Cambodia.

She has now worked in international development (foreign aid) for more than 14 years, with a focus on the education sector. Returning to Naarm in early 2020, Leah and her young family settled in Brunswick.

Actively involved with her children’s school, Leah has served on the School Council and volunteers with the school’s successful Breakfast Club program. Leah has been a proud union member all her working life, as well as a union workplace delegate.

The Animal Justice Party’s values - Kindness, Equality, Rationality and Non-Violence - are held closely by Leah and she believes these values need to be better represented in the Victorian Parliament. Leah will push to transform politics in Victoria into a ‘race to the top’, not a ‘race to the bottom’, in how the most vulnerable people and animals in the region are treated.

With a particular passion to end duck shooting and greyhound racing, Leah wants to legislate an end to the cruelty of animal experimentation - and over time replace it altogether with humane alternatives. More broadly, she is passionate about social justice and improving the education and child protection systems in Victoria – areas that have the power to transform the lives of individuals and the whole community.

Leah joined the Animal Justice Party in 2010 and is currently a Director on the National Board. She has volunteered with wildlife rescue and been involved with numerous animal rights campaigns, including the successful campaign to end greyhound racing in the ACT, and the successful campaign to end a proposed cull of kangaroos at the Heritage Golf Course on the outskirts of Naarm.

With a track record of achieving positive change, Leah would relish the opportunity to put her skills, experience and values to work in the Victorian Parliament to make a positive difference for the people and animals of the Northern Metropolitan Region.

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