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Nat Kopas for Western Metropolitan Region

Nat Kopas is proud to run as a candidate for the first time in West Metro, where she has lived for the past 16 years.

Nat welcomes the chance to be a voice for the West, which is currently left behind in terms of investment in services like hospitals, mental health services and public transport -as well as lacking investment in infrastructure that meets the needs of our growing population.

With a long history of speaking out for those who can’t do so for themselves, Nat has been passionately involved in the campaign to ban duck shooting in Victoria for the past 20 years. She has worked every year to coordinate wildlife rescue and to spread awareness of the legal cruelty that ducks face on our wetlands.

Nat is the Animal Justice Party Victoria's Advocacy Manager, volunteering on campaigns to address a range of animal issues and empowering other members to advocate also. She knows that organised campaigning helps harness the collective community's power to make change. 

As a pharmacist and small business owner, Nat's other passion is supporting the health of her patients. Having worked in community pharmacy for 22 years, it’s obvious to Nat that the health system is broken. Many people slip through the cracks or still face unaffordable medical costs, and wait times for procedures have blown out with healthcare staff under unsustainable pressure. These issues have only been highlighted by the pandemic and need to be addressed as a matter of urgency, especially with our growing and ageing population.

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