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Patricia Mackevicius for Williamstown

Patricia is standing as your Animal Justice Party candidate for Williamstown with a firm commitment to help create a fairer and kinder society for all animals and people.

Having lived locally for 14 years, and being an active member of the local community since 1992, Patricia recently retired after a long career in risk management in the banking industry.

As a mother and grandmother, one of Patricia’s dearest wishes is to leave a legacy of creating a safer, more equitable and kinder world. As a committed vegan, Patricia is passionate about the welfare of all farmed animals. She is determined to reduce the environmental impact of our food systems.

Having been a proud and active supporter of many animal rescue charities over the years, Patricia has witnessed within the local community a growing concern for the lack of space and resources for unwanted or unloved animals. When elected, Patricia will work hard to ensure that all animals - wildlife, farm and companion animals alike - are treated with the respect and care they deserve.

Patricia is proud to stand as your candidate for Williamstown with the Animal Justice Party, because she recognises that it is not a single-issue Party - it is about a better life for all of us. Our interdependence with all animals makes this essential not only for them but also for us. And that has to make our world a kinder and better place.

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