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Ruth Parramore for Yan Yean

With a passion for justice, Ruth is standing as your candidate for the Animal Justice Party because it is her heartfelt belief that each of us has the capacity to extend our kindness to all animals - as well as to other people and our planet.

We are at a point in our understanding of other species that tells us that we share many common attributes of sentience – that we all express emotions, we all need to experience safety and not fear and that we are all social beings who relate to one another, form social alliances and learn best within safe family bonds. And yet we so often ignore these attributes that all non-human animals share with us.

Ruth is appealing to voters in Yan Yean to vote with your heart. The expansion of urbanisation into areas that were rural in nature has significantly impacted our native animals through the displacement of wildlife. The Animal Justice Party seeks to work with local and state government to protect wildlife and minimise the harm that arises from our impact on native animals - and in particular to find ways to protect them from the harms that urban development imposes on them.

Rut is proud to support the Animal Justice Party's focus on Animals, People and the Planet. She believes now is the time to restore balance in the way we live, by protecting animals and looking after our planet.

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