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Shohre Mansouri For Footscray

Shohre Mansouri, Candidate for Footscray, is a software engineer who immigrated to Australia 17 years ago. She has fallen in love with Melbourne and Melburnian culture. Of all the different and beautiful suburbs of Melbourne, Footscray is her absolute favourite, drawn to the diversity of people and culture, its humbleness and its colours.

In 2012, Shohre founded a charity to help disadvantaged children with their education. She directed the charity for 6 years, continuing to assist and mentor the team members.

Four years later, Shohre learnt about animal rights and the injustice that humans are causing to animals. She went vegan overnight and started actively working on animal rights issues; from organising beach cleaning or planting trees to volunteering for animal sanctuaries, helping in fundraising for animal rights organisations or attending protests for animal rights issues. 

She believes that change has to be through personal connection with people as well as the introduction of better laws.

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