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Taylor Macgregor Owen for Carrum

Taylor is a dedicated advocate for animals and the environment, and is proud to be guided by the Animal Justice Party's core values in running as your candidate for Carrum.

Having grown up in 'half-rural, half-city life', Taylor studied at an agricultural boarding school where he obtained first-hand experience in the agricultural industry. He has since become vegan, recognising the importance in transitioning away from animal agriculture for the sake of animals and building a climate-proof future.

Taylor is passionate about environmental protection, having founded his own campaign 'No Trace Left' - encouraging communities to leave nothing but footprints behind when visiting natural spaces.

He is proudly behind the Animal Justice Party's election platform, with a particular determination to end the recreational duck shooting industry and legislate a ban on cruel factory farming practices which persist across Victoria.

When Taylor isn't fighting for a better future for animals, people and our planet, you can find him camping, beach-cleaning, working in hospitality and hanging out with his companion cats.

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