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Loraine Fabb for Oakleigh

Passionate about animal welfare and protection, Loraine is standing as your candidate for Oakleigh in order to create change for all animals.

Since she was a child, Loraine has always cared deeply for the environment and all species on earth. She recognises that all are intrinsically connected, and any hurt or harm done to one affects all.

This is what motivated Loraine to become involved with the Animal Justice Party, where she discovered that the Party's core values of kindness, equality, rationality and non-violence mirror her own.

“We are all related,” she says, “And we all share this beautiful world equally. As human beings it is our honour and our duty to care for all that is, for those who live now and for all the generations to come.”

Born and raised in Caulfield, Loraine lived overseas for some years before returning home to Melbourne. As a proud resident of the inner-southeast, Loraine loves walking around the local area, meeting people, shopkeepers and of course, their companion animals.

When elected, Loraine's priority is to ensure that animals have just representation in our legislation, including the creation of a new position in the Victorian Parliament: Minister for Animal Protection. Loraine will push to end the commercial killing of animals, including our native kangaroos, and fight to implement a ban on greyhound racing. 

Loraine has enjoyed a long corporate career, primarily in the recruitment industry. Since retiring, she has revived her acting career and was recently seen on ABC TV’s series, ‘Fires’. Loraine is also a writer and a DanceSport competitor in two styles: Ballroom and New Vogue.

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