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The Dunkley by-election is a critical opportunity to continue our push for stronger animal protection laws.

Between the Allan Government's decision to endorse another cruel duck shooting season, impending threats to koalas and other wildlife in Victoria, and live export hitting headlines after yet another animal welfare disaster - there is no shortage of animal cruelty across our state.

The Animal Justice Party is committed to using this by-election to hold the government to account.

But we need your support.

You can help us multiply our voice for animals by signing up to volunteer.

It's as easy as handing out how-to-vote cards on election day. By giving a few hours at an election booth, your presence will ensure that every voter has the opportunity to make their vote count for animals, people and our planet.

Our goal is to have a presence at every single voting booth on election day - so your support is crucial.

Sign up today! We will get in touch to provide you with materials, support and training.

Meet Your Candidate: Bronwyn Currie

Bronwyn Currie is proudly standing as the Animal Justice Party candidate for Dunkley, with a firm commitment to animal protection, women's rights and climate justice.

Living on Bunurong country, Bronwyn is the Victorian Convenor, a National Board Director and Regional Leader of the South East Metro Group. With a career in senior Human Resource Management, Bronwyn is raising her five children and also has experience managing a small business.

Bronwyn represents her local community with senior committee positions on local community organisations including Chelsea Heights Community Centre, Kingston Residents Association, The March4Justice organization and actively supports many animal and environmental groups.

As a young child, Bronwyn was often found rescuing local wildlife and rehoming street cats, and it is this lifelong passion for animals that led her to the Animal Justice Party. Since joining the Party, Bronwyn has successfully led a growing community of animal advocates in multiple campaigns and has raised community awareness and wins on many animal protection issues. She is determined to ensure the protection of our iconic native wildlife and prevent further species from becoming endangered.

Bronwyn is running as the Animal Justice Party's Candidate in the Dunkley by-election to drive change on important animal and environmental issues.

She will devote herself to addressing the climate and biodiversity crises facing the planet which endanger the lives of all animals, including humans.

Bronwyn Currie on microphone at rally

 “I want to provide real, effective incentives for change. We must help the agribusiness sector transition to more sustainable and plant-based practices. We cannot afford to waste any more time on this”. 

With her contributions to animal protection being recognized by multiple award nominations, Bronwyn received the 2022 Kingston Woman of the Year Award and has also been a popular nomination for an Australia Day Award.

As an organiser of one of the largest marches in the country for women’s justice, Bronwyn demands the government listen to women - calling for equality, respect and an end to gendered violence. Having personally been affected by family violence, experiencing the family court system, sexism and misogyny in the workplace, the superannuation gender gap, lack of affordable child care, the physical and emotional cost of being a carer and so many issues affecting women, Bronwyn understands the need for effective culture change around women’s equality and safety. 

“Workplaces and homes must be safe places for women, children and companion animals”.

Bronwyn Currie Always Was Always Will Be First Nations Solidarity

The Animal Justice Party is totally behind Bronwyn’s vision for a kinder, more rational and safer world.

Get in Touch

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Our Preferences

The AJP is outraged at the Victorian Labor Government's decision to allow duck hunting to continue, despite it's own inquiry's recommendation to end this cruel 'sport'. We're devastated at Federal Labor's persistence with Live Export, despite the unfolding tragedy in WA.

This meant that we were reluctant to preference Labor in the Dunkley by-election. However, the AJP has reached a recent agreement with Labor on how we will cooperate to pursue sensible and important policies.

We are now satisfied that directing preferences to Labor after negotiations delivers good policy outcomes and demonstrates that major parties cannot take the animals and our voters for granted.

You can view our How-To-Vote-Card below.

Will you volunteer?