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AJP Victoria Challenges Government's Support for Duck Shooting

The Animal Justice Party of Victoria firmly stands against the State Labor Government's decision to maintain recreational duck (and quail) shooting. This contentious decision, disregarding both the growing public outcry and the advice of a recent parliamentary inquiry, sets the Victorian Government in direct conflict with the principles of animal welfare and the wider community's expectations.

The continuation of duck shooting in Victoria is a stark contrast to the actions taken by three other Australian states, where this practice has been rightly banned. The AJP views this as a significant setback in the fight for animal welfare and environmental protection. It reflects a concerning disregard for the declining populations of native waterbirds, a fact well-established by scientific research and acknowledged in the inquiry.

The AJP questions the logic and motivations behind the Government's decision, especially in the light of clear evidence and strong public sentiment against the practice. This decision, according to the AJP, is not just a matter of animal welfare but also raises concerns about the proper use of public lands and taxpayer resources. The continued support for duck shooting limits the use of state game reserves for more peaceful, non-harmful recreational activities, essentially prioritizing a minority's interests over the general public's.

Furthermore, the Government's justification for citing an increase in duck numbers contradicts the findings of environmental studies and the recent inquiry, which indicate a worrying decline in native bird populations. This inconsistency brings into question the basis of the Government's decision-making process, suggesting that it may be influenced more by political considerations than by a commitment to animal welfare or environmental conservation.

The AJP firmly believes that this decision does not reflect the values and desires of most Victorians, who are increasingly supportive of animal welfare and environmental conservation. The party asserts that the Government's stance is not only detrimental to native wildlife but also disregards the growing public demand for more ethical and humane treatment of animals.

In our commitment to advocating for the voiceless, the AJP is determined to continue its fight against this outdated and cruel practice. The party calls on the Victorian Government to reconsider its stance and align its policies with the progressive, compassionate values that represent the majority of Victorians. The AJP's dedication to this cause is unwavering, and we stand ready to lead the charge toward a future where the welfare of all living beings is given the priority it deserves.

The Animal Justice Party's stance on this issue is clear: the time for change is now. It's time for the Government to show true leadership and compassion by banning recreational duck (and quail) shooting and protecting our native wildlife for future generations.

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