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Kids Competition: Design Our Next T-Shirt

Let Your Creativity Spark Change!

The Animal Justice Party is thrilled to launch our first-ever "Design the Next T-Shirt for AJP" competition for kids under 18yo - inviting young artists and animal advocates to showcase their talent and compassion. This unique competition merges art with activism, offering a platform for voices calling for justice and harmony between animals, people, and our planet.

Your artwork has the power to inspire, provoke thought, and ignite change. We can’t wait to see your visions for a better world for animals, people, and our planet. Submit your design and be a part of this exciting journey towards justice and harmony.

🏆 Prizes and Recognition:

👕 Winner's Design Printed on T-Shirts: The winning design will be printed on 500 fundraising t-shirts, spreading your message of compassion and change across the country! You'll also receive 5 t-shirts to share with family & friends.

📣 Featured Artist Profile: The winner will receive a spotlight feature on AJP’s website and social media channels, showcasing your art and advocacy.

🎉 More Prizes: Everyone will receive certificates of recognition for their efforts. Additional prizes will be given to designs that impress the judges!


🦄 Competition Themes:

We’ve selected three inspiring themes for your designs. Each theme reflects our core values and visions for a better world. Choose the one that speaks to you the most and let your imagination lead the way!

🌏 Together for Tomorrow

Imagine a world where animals, humans, and nature exist in perfect harmony. Your design should encapsulate this unity, depicting a future where every living being thrives. Think of motifs that symbolize protection, coexistence, and the beauty of a shared planet.

🐨 Act Now for Their Tomorrow

This theme calls for action! Illustrate the urgency of safeguarding our planet and its inhabitants. Whether it's through conservation efforts, fighting against pollution, or advocating for animal rights, show how we can make a difference today for a better tomorrow.

🐶 Voices United: A Better World for All

Highlight the power of collective action and the importance of standing together. Your design should represent the interconnectedness of all life and the impact of unity in advocating for animal protection, environmental preservation, and social justice.


📥 How to Submit Your Design:

Ready to make a difference with your art? Follow these simple steps to submit your design:

🎨 Create Your Design: Select one of the three themes above and create your artwork. Please ensure your design is submitted in a high-resolution digital format (JPEG, PNG, or PDF).

📧 Submit Your Entry: Email your design through to [email protected] providing your full name, age, contact information, and a brief description of your design and the chosen theme. Don't forget to attach your design file before submitting it!

⏰ Submission Deadline: All entries must be received by Sunday 21st April. Late submissions will only be considered if they're amazing! 


⚖️ Judging Criteria:

Our panel of judges, including artists, animal rights activists, and AJP members, will evaluate submissions based on creativity, relevance to the chosen theme, originality, and the message’s impact.


📢 Winner Announcement:

We will announce the winning design on Monday 29th April. All contestants will be notified by email before posting to our website and social media platforms. Pre-sales for t-shirts will open soon after. 

*please note that the winning design will be given to a graphic designer to format for t-shirt printing and some design elements may change slightly. 

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